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The indoor playground of Woerden!
Drop by soon for an unforgettable day.

General information de Pretfabriek

At de Pretfabriek, we also think of parents as much as possible, because you also want to spend several hours with us pleasantly. This is why we believe it should be as comfortable and enjoyable as possible for you/you. De Pretfabriek is not only the best indoor outing in Woerden and its surroundings for children, but also for parents. Due to Corona measures, there are time slots and reservations must be made in advance.

Toddler area

We have a special area in de Pretfabriek for our youngest guests. As a parent, you can play along, but you can also sit right next to them at a table and enjoy our extensive catering with, for example, delicious coffee. We also have special Todler mornings.

Free Wi-Fi

For parents who want to use the internet, we have a free WIFI connection. You can use this by accepting our terms and conditions. You can also find power in our restaurant.


In our accommodation, we have paid a lot of attention firstly to appearance, but also to sound insulation. Thus, we try to absorb the "noise" of children playing as much as possible in a pleasant way. This makes it a lot more comfortable for you as a parent.

So you are also very welcome for a few hours of relaxation at the Pretfabriek!

Why choose de Pretfabriek?

Why is De Pretfabriek the most complete indoor play paradise and indoor recreation destination for Woerden, Gouda, Utrecht and the surrounding area? De Pretfabriek tries to make everything to your liking and keeps innovating and improving where necessary. In doing so, our strengths listed below are of the utmost importance. We do our utmost to achieve this.

1. Clean and fresh
Hygiene and clean accommodation are of paramount importance to us and we make every effort to keep the Pretfabriek clean. Our team is aware that a clean accommodation is very important to everyone. You will therefore regularly see our team checking the accommodation and toilets to keep everything looking clean. We strive to be the cleanest indoor playground in the Netherlands! Apart from the daily cleaning, there are periodic extra-large cleanings. On social media, we often give a look behind the scenes in these.

2. Hospitality
We do our best to make your stay and that of the children very enjoyable and pleasant. A smile and a kind word from the staff is very important to us. Thus, behind the scenes, we do a lot to manage and train our team so that all guests have a pleasant stay with us.

3. Exclusive
We have chosen to charge parents and attendants entrance fees. Not every parent will find this appealing, but this ensures that we are a more exclusive indoor play paradise 

4. Safety
Of course, children must be able to play safely. That is why all our play equipment is tested and childproof sockets are provided. We also ask you to supervise your children yourself. They can sometimes get overenthusiastic about playing and want to do crazy antics. You are your child's best supervisor.

5. Comments or tips
We welcome any comments or fun tips that might be useful for De Pretfabriek. You can always contact one of our employees or send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

De Pretfabriek

Oostzee 8, 3446 CH Woerden

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