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Terms and conditions Vip-pass

Validity VIP pass:

  • Each VIP pass is personal and not transferable to other family members or friends. The free companion is not personalised.
  • The one-year VIP pass ends exactly one year after the cut-off date. Early cancellation is not possible.


  • Access to the Fun Factory is provided only if the subscriber has the VIP pass with them.
  • The VIP pass is always valid, including holidays and public holidays.
  • In high uiz exception, the Amusement Factory may be full, in which case the same rules will apply as for other visitors.
  • Subscribers may not visit the Amusement Factory without an 18+ escort.
  • Own consumption is not allowed during the visit.
  • When visiting the Pretfabriek, the house rules that are visibly displayed in the Pretfabriek apply. The staff may point out undesirable behaviour and deny access after warning. The subscription is then automatically terminated.

Loss & theft:

  • You should report loss, damage or theft of the VIP pass to the Pretfabriek to prevent possible misuse.

Opening hours:

  • The Pretfabriek may and can always choose to make changes to its opening hours.
  • Adjusted opening hours (holidays) can be found on the website.


  • On presentation of the VIP card, you will receive a 5% discount on any spending in the hospitality area. Changes reserved.
  • Admission price promotions are always excluded for subscribers unless otherwise indicated.
  • When you purchase a VIP pass, you will receive a VIP tattoo as a gift. By showing the tattoo on the hand, the subscriber can bring one free (entrance) playmate during the period the tattoo is visible. This promotion is not valid during school holidays with the exception of the summer holidays.
  • Subscribers get a €5 discount on the entrance to a children's party package (Pretfabriek packages only and on presentation of pass).

De Pretfabriek

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